Christabelle Grech

Christabelle Grech

MLRO and Compliance Officer

About Christabelle

Christabelle Grech is the Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer of Finex Malta. She is responsible for the implementation and management of the company’s compliance functions and AML/CFT processes. Christabelle ensures that all laws and regulations established by domestic and international regulating bodies are being applied and adhered to. She is also responsible for drawing up the necessary internal policies and procedures so that together with the applicable external rules and guidelines safeguards the company from its related compliance risks in order to ensure the integrity of the business activities and services the company performs and promote a sound and robust financial system.

After graduating B.Com (Honours) in Banking and Finance from the University of Malta, she acquired a wealth of experience by taking on a succession of roles at FIMBank p.l.c. During her employment with FIMBank p.l.c. Christabelle enjoyed serving in several middle office roles within the Bank’s Trade Services and Trade Finance Departments, Transactional Trade Finance and Fund Management. In 2016 she then moved to the Bank’s Internal Audit Department serving as an Internal Auditor where she was mainly responsible, amongst others, for carrying out audits in the Operations, Compliance and Finance Departments of the Bank. Being closely involved in a number of high-profile internal audit assignments allowed Christabelle to strengthen her expertise in the Banking Industry and Financial Institutions with a specific focus in core compliance and anti-money laundering.

Christabelle Grech holds a B.Com (Honours) in Banking and Finance from the University of Malta, a Diploma in Internal Auditing and a certification in Fund Management services.

Christabelle firmly believes in the power of voluntary organisations and the impactful works carried out by them. She holds at heart voluntary organisations who work closely with children and the youth. Over the years she has been heavily involved in creating and leading youth projects for several youth organisations involving current and social affairs, such as KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) and SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise).

Christabelle is a happy mother to 2 girls and together with her husband dedicates most of her time to nurture and care for their family’s well-being. She is very considerate of others and is always ready to give a helping hand to her friends and the community she lives in whenever needed.